Step 5: What to do After You’ve Registered Your Business

Turnaround time
When using the Corporate Registry application, often your transactions are processed in real time.

If you happen to have a transaction or search that requires a bit of a wait, you can track the status of the results of your transactions by clicking on ‘my activity’ and then selecting ‘submission.’ Your transaction will move from the 'in-progress' tab to the 'registered' tab on the page when it is complete.

If you are waiting for a document order, profile report or certificate of status, these can be found under 'my activity' then select 'order history'. Once these orders are ready for viewing they will move from the 'pending' tab to 'available' tab.

Digital Certificates
All of your organizations' certificates are available free of charge electronically through your ‘my submissions’ folder. 

CRA Business Number Program
Customers registering business in Saskatchewan automatically receive a business number from Canada Revenue Agency as part of their business registration process.

Maintain or Change your Business Information
Like everything, your business needs to be maintained. Maintenance requirements are different depending on the entity type you register. Please review the maintain or change your business information to make sure that you know what you may have to do in the future to ensure that your business remains up to date and accurate.