Register a Non-Profit Corporation

In order to register a non-profit corporation in the Corporate Registry application you will need to know your:

Reserved Corporate Name (Reservation Number)  Articles

  • Select the type of non-profit corporation (membership or charitable).
  • This includes entity dates (effective and fiscal year end date), nature of activities, dissolution provisions, member details (share details), authorized number of directors, restrictions, and/or articles of attachment.
  • This section will allow you to select your financial statement date and annual return due date.

Registered Office
  • Physical address (location of registered office which must be a Saskatchewan address).
  • Mailing address.
  • Email address.

Director/Officer Information

  • Includes first/middle/last names, email, physical, and mailing address of directors and/or officers.
  • Location of your business (this is the physical address, P.O. box numbers are not accepted).

Power of Attorney

  • Only required when there is not a director with a physical address in Saskatchewan on file.
  • If you require a power of attorney, you will be required to attach a Consent to Act as Power of Attorney form in .PDF format. This form is available on our business corporations forms page.

  • The incorporator information is the individual or business (entity) completing the non-profit incorporation. 


  • Fees applicable to your incorporation will be displayed under the fees tab in the Corporate Registry application.

How to become a registered charity

To be registered as a charity under the Income Tax Act, an organization must show that it meets all the requirements of the Act and the common law relating to charitable registration. Therefore, an organization must be established exclusively for charitable purposes and it must devote all of its resources to activities carried on to further its charitable purposes. 
For more information on what you need to know before applying for charitable status at the Canada Revenue Agency, and what you need to consider before establishing yourself as a legal entity, go to Apply to become a registered charity

Filing your Non-Profit Incorporation:

  • Log in to the Corporate Registry application.
    • Select ‘file’.
  • Under the heading ‘reserve a name or create a company'  click on ‘non-profit corporations’ and select the ‘incorporate’ option.
    • Enter in your name reservation number. (This number can be found in your 'my activity' page). Click ‘continue’.
  • Complete the application and submit.
    • The summary screen within the application will provide an overview of your registration.


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