Step 2: Reserve a Name

Did you know?
If you reserve a name online, you will be able to view the status of your name search in the Corporate Registry application. Select the My Activity option found in the top navigation bar and select Submission. 

Before you begin you must choose a name. The name you pick should be distinctive and descriptive.  Find out how to choose the right name for your business or corporation.

Please also select the appropriate purpose for your name reservation. For example, if you are reserving a name to change your business name, your name reservation purpose will be "name change." It is important to select the correct purpose for reserving a name. If you select the incorrect purpose, you will have to start the name reservation process over again, including another full payment of fees, as the purpose for the reserved name cannot be changed once it is completed.

If you have questions about selecting the appropriate name reservation purpose or an appropriate name, ISC recommends consulting a legal professional for advice.

To Reserve a Name:

  • Log in to the Corporate Registry application.
    • Select ‘file’.
  • Under the heading ‘reserve a name or create a company' click on the entity type you wish to reserve your name for. For example if you wish to create a sole proprietorship, select 'business names' and select the ‘reserve name’ option.
    • Then, in the 'reserve for' option, select the purpose ‘Saskatchewan business name registration’, another drop down will display entitled 'type', select ‘sole proprietor’ and click ‘continue’.
  • Name to Reserve
    • Enter in your proposed name and click on ‘check name’ the system will tell you if similar or exact names have been found – or – if the name you typed is currently available. 
    • Enter in your nature of business.
  • Complete the application and submit. Your request will be reviewed and if approved, you will be sent a name reservation number.
Name Reservation Number Required
When you fully complete your name reservation and you are issued a name reservation number, you must submit your registration or incorporation with the name reservation number included. Corporate registry cannot process your registration or incorporation of a named company without the name reservation number.

A Business Name Isn’t Always Required
If you are a corporation and wish to operate as a numbered company you don’t have to choose a name, simply start your registration process.

Name Reservations Expire!
If your requested name is available, it is automatically reserved for 90 days and in that time you must complete your registration or incorporation. If the name you requested is not available, you will be notified and you will have to conduct another search.

New West Partnership and Extra Provincial Name Reservations
Businesses from other jurisdictions must complete a name reservation via the Corporate Registry application. Follow the same process as illustrated above, when given the 'reserve for' option, select the 'extra-provincial registration' option. 

Fees and payment
Fees are different depending if you are reserving a name in Saskatchewan or are extra-provincially registering in Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba. Please refer to the fee schedule for more information.

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If you don’t need a business name or already have a name?

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