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Map Search is a FREE search tool that anyone with an ISC online services account can use to quickly find land title and survey plan information about virtually any parcel
of land in Saskatchewan. 

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Common uses include:

  • Confirm ownership of land parcels
  • Obtain current legal land descriptions
  • Gain access to be able to view registered plans of survey to view official parcel dimensions

Why you should be using Map Search:

It’s Free – there is no cost to use Map Search | All you need is an ISC account to access the service.  Map Search is simply a graphical way to perform your searches and takes you to the same results that you are used to in Quick Search or Plan Search (by Number).

Multiple search modes |
Using text or the map, zoom directly to any urban or rural municipality, parcel or plan in Saskatchewan.

Search All Titles |
No longer are you limited to searching parcels specific to a single plan or to a single quarter section or section.  Use this option to select parcels from varying plans, quarter sections or sections and get the results in 1 comprehensive list.

Large informative viewing area |
The map is larger than ever before allowing you to view more information and create meaningful, nameable files for your work.  With access to layers like roads, urban and rural municipalities, users can quickly locate any parcel of interest in Saskatchewan.

Direct Access to Title and Plan Information |
Clicking on hyperlinked information in Map View results in direct access to Title and Plan information you need.

Save time and effort - get the right information the first time, everytime | Through being able to view a picture of what a title describes, being able to move around the map and searching several titles across multiple quarter sections, sections or plans, you can now get more information quickly.  This translates into less time spent searching for Titles and more time to take care of your other priorities.

Work with confidence knowing you have all the titles or plans you need to perform a transaction |
A picture is worth a thousand words.  By bringing together picture and title/plan information, you can now visually verify if you've accounted for all parcels in a given area - whether it be a quarter section, section or other area.  Print title search results and results frame records and quickly reconcile against the picture to ensure no parcels have been missed.

Search when (and where) it's convenient for you |
Map Search is another service offered by ISC that allows you 24/7 access to being able to get the information you need when you need it.  Day or night, home or at the office, you can use Map Search when it is convenient for you.

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