Change the Details of an Interest on Title

Interest holder(s) can apply to change the details of an interest, like its value, its description or its expiry date. The formal name for this process in the Land Registry is an Interest Amendment.

The following details can be changed:
  • Scheduled expiry date of the interest.
  • Value of the interest.
  • Description of the interest.

Interest Holder(s) can also:

  • Add or remove documents attached to the interest.
  • Add the interest to other parcels, titles, interests or shares of an interest.

The changes made to any interest go into effect the date they are registered.  Any interest registered in the meantime is not bound by such changes. 

Please note: if the interest you wish to amend is either a Sheriff’s Notice of Discharge (s.107.1 EMJA) or a Sheriff’s Notice of Seizure (s.41(2)(b1) EMJA) you must consult the Sheriff’s office to have the interest amended.

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