Application for Interest Amendment Bundle

Use these forms to amend the details of an interest, like its value, its description or its expiry date. The interest holders remain the same.

Form Bundle

- Land Registry Packet Cover Page
- Application for Interest Amendment (PDF) 
Authorizations (must have one of the authorizations listed below): 
- One Individual Signing | PDF | WORD
- Two Individuals Signing | PDF | WORD
- Corporate with Seal Affixed (One Officer) | PDF | WORD
- Corporate with Seal Affixed (Two Officers) | PDF | WORD
- Corporate without Seal Affixed (One Officer) | PDF | WORD
- Corporate without Seal Affixed (Two Officers) | PDF | WORD
- Alternate Authority Authorizations (signing on behalf of regsitered owners)
    - Alternate Corporate with Seal Affixed | PDF | WORD
    - Alternate Corporate without Seal Affixed | PDF | WORD
and when applicable:
- Additional Interest Holders (PDF) 
- Title Print Request (PDF) 
- Begin Attachment Sheet (PDF)

Don't forget your attachments! Do not send in your originals!

Step 1: Find the Interest(s) using Search

The forms required for this application require the interest number or interest register number. Interests and interest register numbers can only be searched directly by using Search.

If you don't have the interest or interest register numbers, you can find this information on the Title. We recommend you use Quick Search to find the title, as it is the easiest way to locate a currently active title, but you can also use Search or Map Search to locate title information.

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Step 2: Download Forms

You can download all the most common forms for this application at the top of this page. If there are any forms you discover you need that are not listed above - please visit our Forms area.

Step 3: Complete Forms

Most of our forms are provided with step-by-step instructions. Simply select the help button beside the form you need help with to view these instructions.

Step 4: Submit Forms

When you are confident you have all the required fields completed for your packet of forms, you can submit them to ISC by any one of the following methods:

(306) 798-1525
ISC eBusiness Services Centre
1301 1st Ave
Regina, SK
S4R 8H2

If you are unsure about the completeness of your packet submission, please check out our Packet Rejections area for some information on the most common reasons for packet rejections.

PLEASE NOTE: This application requires a payment from a registered ISC account before it can be registered. Please ensure you have enough funds in your account before submitting this packet or it will be rejected. For more information about the fees associated with your application, please refer to our Fees page or contact our Customer Support Team. You can view your account balance from the My Account area once you are signed in to our Online Services site.

Step 5: Wait for Notification

All packets submitted will be issued a notification (by the preferred delivery method specified in your client account) indicating whether or not the packet was successfully registered. Today's forecasted turnaround times are:

Land Titles Transactions: 2.5 business days