Online Submission

Save time and money by submitting your Land Registry applications using Online Submission (OLS). For packets with fewer than 100 applications, you can take advantage of pre-submission validations and start reducing packet rejections today. For packets that contain more than 100 applications, please contact 1-866-275-4721 before using Online Submission (OLS).

What's in it for me?

Your work day is busy. Online Submission helps you be more efficient than you already are! Join the hundreds of other users who are benefitting every day by taking advantage of the many time-saving and rejection-reducing features of OLS!

How can you benefit from submitting your applications online?

The online submission method is here to help you be more efficient. By submitting your applications online, you can:

Save time and money - Take advantage of the built-in validations that catch errors before you submit your work for processing. This reduces your re-work, allowing you to get more done in less time.

Quickly complete your applications - The online method speeds up your application process by automatically entering the information from your search in the appropriate places throughout the application for you. To avoid having to enter information from the beginning each time, you can build your own custom templates. When your application is complete and validated, simply submit it with the click of a button and your application will automatically reach the processing queue without the assistance of an ISC employee. If your packet is rejected, simply make the correction and re-submit it - there is no need to re-enter all the old information again. 

Save paper - By working online, you can reduce the volume of paper and clutter in your workplace, saving you money and freeing up valuable space. 

Preview the estimated fee of your application - The online fee estimator allows you to preview the approximate fee for your application before you submit it for processing.

View the status of your applications - Log in to conveniently view the real-time status of your work at any time, from anywhere.

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Get started online today through your ISC Online Services account.

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Getting help

In addition to built-in help throughout OLS, we offer three ways to help you get maximum benefits from using OLS. Click on each option for more information:
  • Quick Tutorial Video Series - Learn how to use ISC's Online Submission tool with these quick how-to videos.
  • Online support – comprehensive manuals and web pages on everything you need to know to get started, register any packet in OLS, technical requirements, tips and more.

Customer testimonials

Check out our testimonials page to see what customers are saying about how submitting their Land Registry applications online is helping them improve their efficiency at work.