Each product line has its own fee schedule. These fee schedules list the costs of our products and services. You can view these fee schedules using the links below.

Land Titles - Registration Services, Interest Registration Services, Mineral Certification Services, Parcel Picture on Demand Services, Searches, etc.

Survey Plans - Examination and Approval Services, Searches, Submission, etc.

Personal Property - Registration Services, Searches, Output, etc.

Maps & Photos - Maps, Aerial Photography, Imagery, GIS Data, Custom Mapping, etc.

Corporate Registry - Name Searches, Name Reservations, Incorporations, Registrations, Changes to Existing Entities, Annual Filings, Certificates, Copies, etc.

July 2018 Fee Adjustment

ISC implemened a fee adjustment on July 16, 2017. To further assist customers we are providing details of this July 2018 Fee adjustment.