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Quick Search is the fastest and easiest way to find an active Land Title. From the search results that are returned using Quick Search, you can choose to see an image of the Title or a Parcel Picture depicting the approximate dimensions and neighbouring parcels. You can also request a certified print of the title.  Some fees apply. 

Quick Search allows you to search for an active title by:
  • Parcel Number - This is one of the most direct ways to find a title. Parcel numbers are associated with the land and do not change unless the parcel itself changes. Changes to ownership and or title information do not change the parcel number.
  • Title Number - Searching by title number will take you directly to the title you are looking for, if it is curently active. When information changes on a title (e.g., new owners, etc.) the title number changes to reflect the 'new' title.
  • Owner Name - When searching by owner name, you can use the surname of the individual(s) who you think is the current land owner or the name of the corporation that owns the land. If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a term, you can expand your search to include names with similar spelling. You can even search for titles related to a deceased person or someone who has declared bankruptcy.
  • Land Description - The most popular way to search is by land description. With this method you can search for surface and mineral titles. When searching by land description, you must enter the section, township, range and meridian but can enter additional information such as what quarter section it is. Searching by land description shows you both ownership share and title lock information. A title lock is a prohibition on the title.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Quick Search will only allow searches for the currently active title. It will not return title results showing who the previous owners were or display any interests that were removed from a title.We recommend using Search for these types of title searches.

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