by Title Number

You can Quick Search for current titles using the title number.  The title number is a nine-digit number generated by the current online Land Registry system.  Old Paper-based Title Numbers (prior to 2001-03 conversion phase) do not work in this search menu.  For example, if you have a title number of the format 99R98765, you will not be able to search for that title using Quick Search by Title Number.  You can search Old Paper-based Title Numbers (e.g. 99R98765) using the Search by Pre-Conversion Title Number search method.

NOTE: If you are searching an Old Paper-based System leasehold title, you will need to utilize the Search menu.  See the Search a Leasehold Title section in the Search procedures.
Using the  title number to search, you have the options to view title details, to request a copy of the title details, and to view a Geographic Information System (GIS) picture of the parcel of land.  This search produces Ownership Share information and Title Lock information in the Standard Results.

NOTE: The Client Reference field is for your convenience.  Although it will not be seen on the search results screen, it will appear on your bill.  This can be used to keep track of search fees and can be a file number, a name or another identifier you choose.

Whenever the Fee icon ($)  displays next to an icon or button, a fee may be charged for selecting that icon or button.  You can determine the amount of the fee (if any) by selecting the Fee icon ($)  located next to the icon or button that you wish to select.  If no Fee icon  displays, no fee will be incurred for selecting an icon or button.

 NOTE: Do not refresh your screen at anytime during a search session.  Selecting  REFRESH in your web browser may reapply the last search query run to retrieve the currently displayed search results.  This re-application of the search query will result in an additional charge for that query, even though the results are the same as previously displayed.  If you want to look at a file again, save the file to your hard drive, or print the screen.

How to perform a basic Quick Search by Title Number

  1. Select the dropdown arrow  to the right of the Search By field.
  2. Select Title Number from the dropdown list.
  3. Key the nine-digit title number in the Title Number field.
  4. Select SEARCH.
  5. A Title Information screen will display.

There are several possibilities if the search results you require are not displayed.  These include:
1) The criteria have been incorrectly keyed.  Double-check your search criteria
2) The title or abstract that you are searching may be inactive.

Please refer to the View Title or Abstract Details, Print or Request a Copy of Title or Abstract Details, or View Parcel Picture sections, as applicable, to continue.