Mineral Certification Services

Meeting Clients Needs for Predictable, Flexible and Timely Service

If time is of the essence, and knowing when your results will be complete is just as important as getting the results, then Mineral Certification service is the perfect solution.

Mineral certification is the process of ensuring conclusive ownership of mineral title. ISC staff conduct historical searches as far back as the original land grant to confirm the ownership of a mineral title.

Mineral certification is a voluntary service. Customers have the option of leaving mineral titles uncertified in the Land Registry as mineral certification services are not mandatory to deal with the title.

Mineral Certification is available with three standard delivery times:
  • Regular: 100 working days
  • Express: 30 working days
  • Priority: Request will receive immediate attention with a target delivery date provided.
View the details of the tiered pricing structure of this service.

The three tiered delivery options allow a predictable and more flexible response to customer needs and provides ISC with enhanced ability to manage workload of mineral certification requests. Moving mineral certification to a customer selected priority service benefits customers who value quicker delivery times.

NOTE: ISC will use reasonable efforts to meet the service timelines indicated. The demand for mineral certification is unpredictable; as well, the time necessary to complete an historical search depends on the number and complexity of the titles involved.

This service also gives you the control to choose the specific geography of interest, you have the option to certify specific parcels or entire ¼ sections. For a graphical representation of the titles being certified mineral parcel pictures are available at the ¼ section level. Quarter section rates apply for ¼ sections up to and including 3 parcels. ISC will provide customers with an estimate of fees in this situation.

Parcel Pictures are valuable in displaying the shape of mineral parcels when dealing with mineral rights. As such, Mineral Certification and Parcel Picture on Demand services can be bundled together into a single transaction.

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