GIS Data: Introduction

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system made up of computer software, hardware and data that allows for the storage, management, and presentation of location-based information.

ISC uses a GIS to continuously maintain the Provincial Base Map, a compilation of registered survey and other plans, that is relied upon by industry and government alike as the trusted base upon which to manage their records.  The GIS is the base of ISC's ability to offer services like Map Search and Parcel Picture.

ISC offers a selection of pre-packaged and customizable solutions to ensure you get the data you need for the area(s) you need it.

GIS Data Products

Sask Cadastral Dataset
SaskGrid Township Fabric Map
Administrative Boundary Overlays
Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN)
Geodetic Control Coordinates
Saskatchewan Civic Address Registry Dataset (CAR)
Grid Shift Files