Satellite Imagery

Our complete suite of satellite imagery products provide an up-to-date, clear, aerial representation of the requested areas of interest for national or international land. ISC is pleased to offer various types of satellite imagery.
This recent and accurate imagery is in GIS ready format and can be used with ISC’s other GIS datasets including the Surface and Mineral Cadastral, SaskGrid, the Saskatchewan Road Network Database 2011 (SURN2011), Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN), and the National Topographic Series (NTS) maps. The imagery is compatible with desktop GIS systems.

The data can be ordered by Township, NTS tile, ArcShape file, or by a set of 4 co-ordinates. Please be sure to include the Datum and Map Projection that you require.

Satellite Imagery Products Available:

> SPOT Satellite Imagery

> RapidEye Satellite Imagery

> DigitalGlobe (QuickBird & WorldView) Satellite Imagery