Packet Cover Page - Instructions

This Instruction Sheet provides general information about the following Packet Cover Pages:
  • Land Registry Packet Cover Page
  • Condominium Packet Cover Page

How to use a Packet Cover Page

  • A Packet Cover Page must be used when submitting any application or request which has a bar code in the upper right hand corner of the first or only page.
  • Do not insert a cover letter or fax transmittal sheet before the Packet Cover Page.
  • Use a new Packet Cover Page each time that you submit a packet. Do not reuse a Packet Cover Page, even if re-submitting a packet.
  • Send only one packet at a time, regardless if you are submitting the packet by regular mail, fax or e-mail. Do not staple your completed packet.
  • Before sending in your packet, make note of the bar code number in the upper left hand corner of the Packet Cover Page. You may use this unique identifier number for all references to the packet. The number allows us to locate the packet once it has been submitted, and to answer any questions you have about the packet.
  • Submit only photocopies, as the packet and its contents are not returned.
  • Before completing your Packet Cover Page and assembling your packet, make sure that all the applications and required supporting documents (authorizations, Affidavits of Value, grants, etc.) are provided and in the proper order.
  • Submit only single-sided, 8 ½ by 11 documents in your packet.
  • See the Sample Packet diagrams included in this Instruction Sheet.

Use the Land Registry Packet Cover Page with:

  • Any application related to the transfer of land or minerals:
    • Application for Transfer (Single Title)
    • Application for Transfer (Part I: Surrender)
    • Application for Transfer (Part II: Setup)
    • Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant
    • Application for Transmission
    • Application for Mineral Certification
  • Any application related to dealing with an interest:
    • Application for Interest Registration
    • Application for Interest Amendment
    • Application for Interest Assignment
    • Application for Interest Discharge
  • Application for Alternate Authority
  • Application for Writ or Maintenance Order Registration

Use the Condominium Packet Cover Page with:

  • Any application to obtain titles pursuant to an approved condominium plan, amendment to a condominium plan, redivision, termination of condominium status, or condominium plan amendment under The Condominium Property Act, 1993.
  • Any application to register, amend, assign, or discharge an interest that exists pursuant to The Condominium Property Act, 1993 or its regulations.

How to complete a Packet Cover Page

NOTE: Complete the Packet Sheet Count and Application Count (or Request Count) last, after you
have completed and assembled the packet. See Step 4 below.

Step 1: Section A – Existing Client Information

If you have an ISC Client Number, please complete Section A. If you do not have an ISC Client Number, complete Section B.
  • Client Number – Enter this for the person, firm or organization submitting the packet.
  • Your Reference Number – This is an optional number, up to 12 characters, that you create for your own reference and use for identifying this file or matter. If entered, the Client Reference Number will appear on your statement of account, itemized by transaction.
  • Account Number – Enter your ISC Account Number. This account will be charged for all services relating to this packet. This number is not viewable by processing staff.
  • Account Password – Enter the password which corresponds to the above Account Number, using CAPITALS only. A temporary account may or may not require a password.

Step 2: Section B – New Client Information

Complete this section if you do not already have an ISC Client Number.
  • Enter in full the name of the person or the full name of the firm/organization submitting the packet. If an individual, you must provide full names, rather than initials.
  • Enter in full the address and phone number of the submitting party. If available, enter the fax number and email address.

Step 3: Section C – Payment Methods

ISC offers the following methods of payment.
  • Cash – in person at a Customer Service Centre (;
  • Cheque or Money Order payable to Information Services Corporation – in person or by mail;
  • Credit Card – in person, by telephone or via ISC’s online account payment process.

Note that ISC does not accept foreign currency in the form of cash or cheque.  Foreign currency payments are only accepted through electronic means such as VISA and MasterCard credit cards or debit card for in-person transactions.

Instructions for Online Account Payment Process
** Please note: only the Main Account Holder can make payments online. If you are not the main account holder please use one of the other payment methods.
  • Sign in to ISC Online Services;
  • Select Account Payment;
  • Select either Visa or MasterCard;
  • Enter the Card Number, Name on the Card and Expiry Date;
  • Under Payment $ – Enter the amount to be charged to your credit card.
Please be advised that sufficient funds must be available at the time of processing.  Transactions will be rejected for insufficient funds. For current fees, please see our fee schedule.

Step 4: Submission Methods

Complete the Packet Sheet Count and Application Count (or Request Count), found at the top of the packet cover page.

Land Registry and Condominium Packet Cover Pages:

Packet Sheet Count    Application Count   Packet Sheet Count: Enter the total number of sheets
in the packet, including the Packet Cover Page.

Application Count: Enter the total number of
Applications in the packet. See the Sample Packet
diagrams on the following pages.

* Submit single-sided sheets only.

There are 10 sheets in this packet, including the Packet Cover Page.

There are 3 applications in this packet, e.g. 1 Transfer (Single Title) and 2 Interest Registrations.

Sample Packet 1

Single Title Transfer + Interest Registration
Raymond is selling his house to Michael and Joanne, who will own it as joint tenants. Prairie Bank has lent purchase moneys to the purchasers and will be registering a mortgage against the property.

Two applications required - an Application for Transfer (SingleTitle) and an Application for Interest Registration.  The bank is attaching a 2-page mortgage document to its registration application.  To obtain a copy of the new title, a Title Print Request is placed before the Begin Attachment Sheet.

Assemble packet in this order:
  • Land Registry Packet Cover Page
  • Application for Transfer (Single Title)
  • Transfer Authorization (Single Title)
  • Titles Affidavit of Value
  • Application for Interest Registration
  • Title Print Request
  • Begin Attachment Sheet
  • Attachment (2 pages)