Search for Liens

Searching the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) for outstanding interests (liens) against moveable forms of personal property can help protect you from buying someone else’s debt. 

When buying moveable forms of property, most people don’t check to see if there are any liens registered against it. Buying the item anyway means they may be purchasing the previous owner's legal obligations as well. If the old debt stays unpaid, a creditor or secured party may seize the property out from under you!

You can help prevent this by searching the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry before you make your purchase. It’s quick and easy to do - the registry is available for you to search online 24/7.

What can I use to search for a lien? 
Tips for searching liens

Do It Yourself Online ($7 can save you thousands)

Among the many benefits to accessing our online search services - save $10 (see Personal Property Fees), you have online access 24/7, and it's easy to use.

Sign-In: Sign in to ISC's Online Services site at  Then edit your pop up blocker settings to allow pop ups from this site. If you do not have an account register here (select "I do NOT have a Client Number and billing account with ISC")

Online Services: On the left hand side select SPPR Application.

Searching: You are now in the SPPR application.  Select "Search" from the menu bar and click on the type of search you wish to perform.  There are 4 steps in performing your search:

Step 1: Search Criteria

Enter the search criteria; (example: if searching against a serial property item enter the serial number (Vehicle Identification Number VIN). Select "Search"

Step 2: Credit Card Payment

This screen is where you would make your credit card payment for the search you want to perform. Click on "Click here to make a Credit Card Payment". You will enter information pertaining to your credit card. When you see the screen that indicates "Thank you for your online payment" select close. You will be returned to the confirmation screen. Select "Proceed"

Step 3: Search Details

This screen provides you with the details of the search you performed. Each search performs creates a unique search number, please record this number.

  • If the results indicate "There are no registration(s) found in the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry to match the search criteria you entered," this means the criteria searched is free and clear of liens in Saskatchewan.
  • If the results indicate Exact and/or Similars, review the similar matches deciding if it is close to the criteria being searched. If you want the similar match included in the detailed report check the similar box. On the detailed report, contact the Secured/Creditor party listed on the search report regarding the lien.

IMPORTANT: Proceed to the 4th step by selecting "Proceed"

Step 4: Output List

Select Output List to view/print the details of the search result.

Staff Assisted Search is available for a fee (see Personal Property Fees)

Contact our friendly Customer Support Team by any of the following methods to get assistance with your search:

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