Secured Party Services

The following is a list of services provided to authorized businesses (i.e. secured parties/creditors).

Secured Party Report
A secured parties can request a search for all active registrations under their name by completing the Secured Party Search Request Form. The Secured Party Report contains valuable information like:
  • The total number of active registrations
  • Registration types (security agreement, commercial lien, judgment/writs, and pre-PPSA)
  • The name and address of first debtor indicated on registrations
  • Registration number(s)

A secured party can also opt to receive the following information in the report:
  • Registration Identification Numbers (RIN)
  • Expiry dates 
  • Authorization to proceed with Global Change  (bulk update to existing registrations)

See Personal Property Fees for pricing information.

Global Change to Existing Registrations
Customers that have numerous registrations in the registry can request a global change (bulk update) to name, address and email.  Secured/creditor parties should keep current addresses in the registry as customers utilize this address to serve compulsory discharge demands.

Secured/creditors parties can request an automated process to amend all active registrations to reflect a new or updated name and/or address and/or email. Having current information reflected in the registry provides customers with the appropriate party to contact regarding liens, and provides secured/creditors with automatic notifications when registrations are discharged.

On existing registration, ISC is adjusting the way we provide Global Change services.  No longer does it have to be prohibitive to change your name and/or address and now you can add email to receive quicker delivery of Discharge Verification.  Contact ISC to learn more about your options.

Associating Parties to Clients

Prior to 2006, the SPPR used party IDs tied to a specific name or address, but these are not tied to primary client numbers. By completing an association between an old party ID and a new primary client number, clients can look up the RIN number to registrations created prior to 2006 online for free, providing real-time results and eliminating the need to submit paper submissions and the wait time associated with it.

List of Active Users to Primary Client
Secured parties or creditors can request a current listing of active users under their primary client number. Each primary client can set up user client numbers to allow different users within the organization to have their own sign-in information and security features, which can be unique to the employee’s role within the company. For example, some employees may only have the security to perform searches, while others can perform searches and certain types of registrations. Benefits include the ability to record financial transactions by client number. Client numbers are also useful in training and auditing.

If you'd like to discuss any of these opportunities further, you can contact our SPPR Business Support Team [email protected]