Packet Submissions

A packet is a universal unit of work, containing one or more than one request or document.  All packets of work submitted to ISC will undergo a series of system checks to ensure page counts and client information is correct.  All packets passing through this system check will be scanned and processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here are today's forecasted turnaround times:
Land Titles Transactions: 2 business days
Tie Code Validations: 2 business days
Packets can be submitted online, or via mail, email, fax, or in person at any one of our Customer Service Centres.


Visit the Online Submission page to learn more about how you can save time and money by submitting your Land Registry packets online.


Land Registry Packets
e-Business Services Centre - Packets
1301 - 1st Avenue, Regina, SK, S4R 8H2


  1. Download and complete the forms required for the packet. Forms and instructions can be found here
    • Make sure to note the Land Registry packet cover page barcode number.
  2. Save the forms to the appropriately named folder of your choice. Please ensure that all of the forms are saved with the following naming convention:
    • A number, followed by a hyphen, followed by a name that is easily recognizable for the form you are saving.  For example:
      • 1-[name of your choice] – Packet cover page.
      • 2-[name of your choice] – Form name.
      • 3-[name of your choice] – and so on.
  3. Open your email software and compose a new message:
    • In the "To" line, type in [email protected].
    • In the "Subject" line, type the Land Registry packet cover page barcode number.
  4. Click in the body/message area, and select the attachment icon.
    • From the folder where you have saved your forms, select each one, in the correct order, and attach them to your email.
  5. Send the email.  

ISC can only accept emails up to 8MB in size.  If your email exceeds this 8MB limit and you cannot find a way to reduce it , please contact Customer Support for assistance



Fax packets to (306) 798-1525.

Note: Lack of clarity in faxes is a common reason for packet rejections.  The bar codes on packet cover sheets and applications must be legible. 

To ensure clarity:
  1. Convert all two-sided pages into single sheets.
  2. Fax original forms (whenever possible) as image quality decreases when forms are copied.
  3. Set the resolution on your fax machine to ‘fine’.
When faxing more than one packet at a time, it is necessary to separate each packet in your fax machine’s memory.  If this is not done, all packets sent at that time will be grouped into one packet, and your packet will be rejected. 

There are three ways to avoid this:
  1. Turn off the function on your fax machine that will send all faxes to the same number at the same time.  This is often called ‘Toll Saver’ or ‘Batch Transactions’ or something similar.  Check your fax machine user manual to find the exact name for this function.  This is the recommended method.
  2. When dialing the number for each packet, add a digit to the end of the number to fool your fax machine into thinking it is sending the packets to different numbers. 
    • For example, if a client had five (5) packets to fax at once, they could dial:
      1. 798-1525-1
      2. 798-1525-2
      3. 798-1525-3
      4. 798-1525-4
      5. 798-1525-5
    • Entering these extra numbers will not affect dialing the packet fax line.  This method is not recommended when there are a number of people using the fax machine, as there is still a chance two people may each be sending a packet to the same number.
  3. Wait a few minutes between packets. This can be time consuming when several packets are being sent. Since this is almost impossible to police when there is more than one person using a fax machine, this method is also not recommended.  

In Person

Packets may submitted at one of our Customer Service Centres in Saskatchewan.  An appointment must be booked in order to submit packets in person.  

Before you book an in-person appointment, please ensure you have all forms completed and printed in advance of your appointment.

ISC recommends you consult a legal professional for advice on completing forms and other matters related to your registry transaction.  ISC cannot complete forms on your behalf.  ISC can only provide general information on registration requirements.

Click here to Book an Appointment.