by Grant Land Description

You can search for grants and notifications using the grant land description.  Searching a grant or notification by its land description, rather than searching by the alternative method – the grantee name – will narrow down your search results.  A grantee may be the recipient of multiple grants and/or notifications.  This notion of a common grantee name can make locating a specific grant or notification online a difficult task.  By using the grant land description to search a grant or notification, you will limit your search results to only those grants and notifications within the defined physical location.  This will refine your search considerably, bringing back a limited results list to examine.
Most rural lands are referenced through a section, township, range, and meridian.  Most urban lands are referenced through a lot, block, and plan.  Grants and notifications of either type can be searched from one screen under the Grant Land Description.
NOTE: Whenever the Fee icon ($)  displays next to an icon or button, a fee may be charged for selecting that icon or button.  You can determine the amount of the fee (if any) by selecting the Fee icon ($)  located next to the icon or button that you wish to select.  If no Fee icon  displays, no fee will be incurred for selecting an icon or button. 

How To Perform a Basic Grant Search By Land Description

  1. Select the dropdown arrow  to the right of the Search By field.
  2. Select Grant Search from the dropdown list.
  3. Select your search criteria from the dropdown lists, using the information on your grant land description. 
    • A rural land description requires information in the Section, Township, Range, and Meridian fields. 
    • An urban land description only requires the Plan field to be keyed in. 
  4. Select SEARCH. A Grant Information screen will display. 
  5. Select the Document icon next to the grant or notification that you wish to view.  
    • A Grant Detail screen will display.


  • The first meridian is sometimes referred to as the “prime” or “principal” meridian.  If the grant land description that you are searching refers to the “prime” or “principal” meridian, select “1” in the Meridian dropdown list.
  • If the grant land description that you are searching contains only a parcel number and a plan number, type the parcel number in the Block field and the plan number in the Plan field.
  • The more information that you provide, the more refined your search results will be.  Any incorrect information, however, will prevent the desired results from being displayed.  As such, provide as much information as you can, but use only information that you know to be true and accurate.
  • Do not refresh your screen at anytime during a search session.  Selecting REFRESH may reapply whatever search query was last run to retrieve the currently displayed search results.  This re-application of the search query will result in an additional charge for that query, even though the results are the same as previously displayed.  If you want to look at a file again, save the file to your hard drive, or print the screen.
  • If the grant or notification that you require is not displayed, check your search criteria for errors.  If no errors can be found, try searching again using only the required fields.  This may bring back a larger results list, but will be all-inclusive based on the criteria you have entered.