Client Numbers

Client Numbers are unique 9-digit numbers that identify individuals and corporate entities in ISC's online system. Name and address information is associated with Client Numbers. They are required in order to own land, hold interests, sign onto ISC's Online Services website, or conduct transactions with ISC. 

How Do I Get a Client Number?

There are five ways by which Client Numbers may be acquired:
  1. Some Client Numbers were assigned during the conversion process (from Old Paper-based System to current online system).  Each title owner or interest holder from the Old Paper-based System was assigned a Client Number when their title or interest was converted.
  2. If a Client Number was not created during conversion, customers may acquire them by entering their name and address information in Section B, which is available in most ISC transaction forms.
  3. Client Numbers may also be acquired by completing the new Client Application form found on the ISC website and either mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to ISC for processing.
  4. Signing onto the ISC website as a new user will also automatically generate a new Client Number.
  5. Valid corporate entities in the Province of Saskatchewan with Corporations Branch (COBRA) numbers are automatically assigned a Client Number that is linked to their COBRA number.  In order to own land, corporate entities must use their COBRA-linked Client Number on their transfer applications.


Don't Currently Have a Client Number and/or Billing Account?

Visit our First Time Users section to find out what account type is right for you. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

If you already have a Client Number you can choose to keep it and assign a new billing account to it. All Client & Account Management forms and instructions can be found here.

Amalgamating Client Numbers

There is no limit to the number of Client Numbers a person or corporate entity may hold.

During conversion, it was quite common for a single individual or corporate entity to receive many Client Numbers. If customers find this inconvenient, they may amalgamate Client Numbers.

Client Number amalgamation will leave a single client number in place of the ones that were amalgamated. The remaining client number will have the same name, address, and method of delivery information associated with it as it did before the amalgamation.

To amalgamate Client Numbers, download and complete the Change of Name/Client Number Amalgamation form.

Branching Client Numbers

In order to own land, corporate entities must use their COBRA-linked Client Number on their transfer applications.  If a corporate entity has multiple Client Numbers and wants to give many or all of their Client Numbers the same ability to hold land as their COBRA-linked client number, the corporation can branch many or all of its Client Numbers to the COBRA-linked one.

NOTE: Unlike amalgamation, each branched client number will retain its own address information.

To branch Client Numbers, download and complete the Client Branch Relationship form.

Amending Client Numbers

Client Numbers should be amended by customers to reflect address changes.  This will ensure that ISC sends all notifications, verifications, error statements and title prints to the correct address.  You can also amend your preferred method of delivery for statements and title prints sent by ISC. 

To amend the address and/or method of delivery associated with your client number, download and complete the Change of Address/Method of Delivery Application.  This form and instructions can be found here.

Note: A name cannot be amended using this method.  To change a name stored in the land registry, you must follow the steps outlined here.

Need Help?

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