Change of Address

There are different processes to change your address within ISC's different registries. See below for details on how to change your address within each.

Land Registry and Land Surveys

To change your address for an individual or a corporation, complete and submit the following form:
- Change of Address/Method of Delivery Application

Personal Property Registry

To change the Primary Client’s name and/or address, complete and submit the following form:
- SPPR Primary Client Change of Name/Address 

Geomatics Distribution Centre

When a company changes their address for the accounts within the Geomatics Distribution Centre, ISC Finance requires an official letter from the company, on company letterhead, requesting the change to be made.

Letters are to be sent to:
ISC Finance
Suite #300 – 10 Research Drive
Regina, SK S4S 7J7

Corporate Registry

There are different address fields in each corporate profile. There are three ways you can change these:
  1. Login to the Corporate Registry online registration website:
    • Under the ‘Other Filings’ you can change your Business Location, Mailing Address, Directors and their addresses, and also your Registered Office address

      Note: if your corporation is not tied to your login, then email [email protected] to link your corporation.
  2. If your Annual Return is due, you can update all addresses when filing your return.
  3. Complete and submit:
    - Change of Registered Office for business corporations
    - Change of Registered Office for non-profit corporations

    Note: These forms will also allow you to update the mailing address if both are changing; however, this form should not be used to change the mailing address only.