Postal Service Disruption – ISC Customer Account Options and Registry Contingency Provisions

During a mail delivery service disruption, options are in place to ensure ISC customers have alternatives for receiving notices, making payments and sending submissions. ISC also has contingency measures in effect to mitigate possible consequences resulting from mail delivery delays.

Change Method of Delivery to Email

ISC continues to encourage all its Saskatchewan registry customers to change their methods of output to email. Please visit for instructions on how to select email as your method of delivery.  Please consider choosing an email address when setting up new clients.

Alternative Delivery for Application Submissions 

Online submission methods are available for most applications as an alternative to mail.  If online submission is not available, please consider email or fax submissions.  Depending on the type of submission you are making, you may be able to submit in person through an ISC Customer Service Centre.

Making Payments

ISC offers online payment options for all Saskatchewan registries. For Land, Personal Property and Surveys, include the account number and password when signing in and then click on the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page and go to the Account Payment page. You can also top up accounts using the payment screens in the Corporate Registry application. Deposits to account can also be made in person at an ISC Customer Service Centre.

Land Registry, Personal Property Registry and Corporate Registry

To avoid unintended consequences resulting from a mail service disruption, the following provisions are now in place for the Land Registry, Personal Property Registry and Corporate Registry:

Land Registry
During a disruption of postal services, an interest holder may not receive notification of registration of a notice to lapse. This may impact the interest holder’s ability to obtain direction from the court in extending the period of registration.

As a result, the normal 30-day period will be extended during a disruption in mail service. Extension periods will be calculated by combining the normal 30-day period with the number of days of duration of any disruption in service. It will be applied at the time an application for discharge is submitted.

This approach only affects Notice to Lapse interests. No other changes are made concerning registrations, amendments, assignments or discharges.

Personal Property Registry
Search and registration reports are available to online customers within the SPPR application. During a disruption of postal services, ISC customers are encouraged to go to the Output List, which can be found in the My Workspace menu.

The Personal Property Registry will not be extending any periods for re-registration for security interests that have expired. As per s. 35(7) of The Personal Property Security Act, 1993 customers have 30 days to re-register any lapsed interest.

Corporate Registry
Virtually all Corporate Registry transactions can be submitted online through the Corporate Registry application, including name reservations, registrations, incorporations, annual returns and business name renewals. To access your account or to get started, please visit

To view the status of your online submission select the ‘My Activity’ tab and click Submissions.

Corporate Registry will continue to receive and process submissions through fax. Completed forms can be faxed to (306) 787-8999 . To ensure delivery of registry output, email addresses must be included in any submission.

As a reminder you can drop off your completed Corporate Registry forms at any ISC Customer Service Center.

To ensure delivery of registry output, email addresses must be included in any submission.

To inquire on the status of mail submissions prior to the mail service disruption, assistance filing online, completing your paper forms, or to make payment on your account please contact ISC Customer Support Team at 1-866-275-4721 or

Customer Support

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-866-275-4721 or