Web Browser Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to updating your browser.

What is the recommended default browser?
ISC recommends you use the latest version of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for an optimal experience.

Will my favorites be affected?
Yes, you will need to add and/or import your favorites/bookmarks to your new choice of browser. 

Will I need to enable pop-ups on my browser?
Yes, you need to enable pop-ups on your browser to ensure you have full functionality on our Online Services site.

Will I be able to use Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for our Online Services.  Our Online Services website is now geared to providing an optimal experience with a current version browsers.

Can I use other browsers, other than Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome?

You can use any browser that meets current web compatibility standards. ISC only provides support for the browsers listed in our System Requirements and Recommendations page.

Can I install multiple browsers on my computer?
Yes, you can install multiple browsers on your computer.

I received an error message: “Browser not supported”, what should I do?
Check the version of your web browser and make sure you are using one of our supported browsers, as listed in our System Requirements and Recommendations page. The most optimal experience will occur with the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Can I use a mobile device to access the web applications?
Yes, all of ISC’s Online Services, with the exception of Map Search, are fully compatible with mobile devices if you are using one of ISC’s supported browsers (i.e. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) . However, the website has not been optimized for smaller mobile screens so a traditional desktop computer with a monitor or a laptop will provide a better experience. 

Which operating systems are supported under this implementation?
We do not recommend specific operating systems. Please contact your vendor for more information.

Can I still upload documents (e.g. in Online Submission)?
Yes. No changes have been made to our Online Services applications related to uploading documents. You are only limited by the device you use on our site (e.g., some mobile devices cannot upload documents).

Can I upload documents from mobile devices?
It depends on the mobile device. Please check the support information for your device to determine if it allows the uploading of documents.

Can I still download forms or templates?
Yes. No changes have been made to the downloading of forms or templates.

Do I need to re-register for an ISC Online Services account?
No. Your account settings will remain the same as they were.

What if I see missing content on the website?
We recommend you use one of our recommended browsers. If you still notice missing content, please contact us. 

When I open Online Submission on my iPad or iPhone, why does it open in a new tab?
Popups are set to open in new tabs on iPads and iPhones

Will I be able to perform tabbed browsing?
Tabbed browsing varies by browser. Check your browser settings for more information.