Submission Guidelines

Here are a few things you should know to prepare your work environment before using Online Submission (OLS).

Client Workstation Requirements

OLS is targeted to support access by external users through high speed DSL or cable networking connections. For more information on system requirements please refer to ISC System Requirements and Recommendations.

Application Limit

  • Some types of applications, such as Condominium Parking Redesignations, use more system resources than typical applications
  • Packets that contain a large number of applications may have some difficulties through the OLS tool
  • If your packet contains more than 100 applications, please contact 1-866-275-4721 before submitting through OLS

File Uploads

  • All file uploads are stored on the ISC file storage system
  • Maximum file size for an uploaded file is 8MB
  • Scan files in black and white
  • Sign documents with black ink only.¬†Blue ink does not always carry forward in the TIFF file conversion process

File Conversion

  • All files will be converted to TIFF file format
  • All converted files are stored on the ISC file storage system
  • Valid files that will be accepted:
    • Word (*.doc)
    • Acrobat PDF (*.PDF)
    • Tiff (*. TIFF)

File Antivirus Checking

  • All uploaded files will be scanned for viruses
  • Infected files will be either cleaned or deleted.
    • A notification will be sent to the OLS Notifications section of the OLS home page