Custom Mapping and GIS Services

Provision of custom mapping and GIS services to create maps and information to your specifications.  Product Sample

We offer custom services to compile geospatial information for hardcopy or digital output. Our provision of custom map and GIS services is limited to the products that we distribute or have distribution rights for.

Service Specifications

Applicable Products: ISC-maintained products:

Third-party products distributed by ISC:
(Note: Formats are product-specific. See product pages for available formats of each product.)
Datum: NAD83, CSRS98
Projection: UTM Extended Zone 13
Related Services: Large Format Scanning and Plotting, Aerial Photograph Enlargements, Data Transformation, Shipping & Handling

Pricing Information

We charge an hourly rate for our custom mapping and GIS services. Related scanning, plotting, data transformation, shipping and handling are additional. If you have any questions or if you would like to request a quote please contact us.

Service Price: $125.00 



The ability to integrate provincial standard data with ortho-rectified imagery presents many opportunities for us to meet your needs. The following samples are some of the common custom products we provide:

Ortho Imagery with Surface | Product Sample
Of high value to the agriculture sector to easily use with navigation equipment in their machinery, this product overlays surface features such as Quarter and Section lines on high-quality ortho imagery.

Approximate Area Calculation with Imagery | Product Sample
Overlaying our Sask Cadastral Dataset on SGIC Ortho Imagery or SPOT Satellite Imagery allows for visual, approximate area calculation.  The customer defines the areas they want calculated and we use our GIS tools to do the calculation.  The areas are approximate only, due to many factors including, but not limited to: date of imagery used, positional accuracy of imagery and accuracy of GIS polygons used.