Register, Change or Remove a Lien

The Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) provides an easy and convenient way to search and register interests (liens) against personal property, giving you peace of mind as a buyer or lender.

By registering personal property, you are ensuring that your interest in an item is protected. You will be providing notice to other parties that a registration already exists on the item because other people can search the registry and see it is there.

The following registration services are available online to approved customers:
Register a Lien - A creditor or secured party, such as a seller or lending institution, can register a financing statement indicating an interest in the personal property of a buyer or debtor.  

Change a Lien - When an active registration on personal property needs to be renewed or updated (items added or deleted), it can be amended to ensure it is up to date in the registry.

Remove a Lien - When a creditor or secured party no longer has an interest in personal property (because the debt has been repaid), the registration is discharged.

How Can I Register, Change or Remove a Lien?

Do It Yourself Online - fees are dependant on your transaction.
Among the many benefits to accessing our online registration services - the fees are cheaper, you have online access 24/7 and its easy to use, with online prompts to ensure your submission is error free.

NOTE: Customer must request access to online registration.

To gain access to SPPR online registration you must be a Permanent Account holder requesting access on the SPPR Primary Client Application tied to the business and/or the SPPR User Application tied to the individuals.  Once the applications are approved you can start using the SPPR application.

Step 1:
Sign in to ISC's Online Services site once you have received your user credentials from ISC.

Step 2: Launch the SPPR application which is found in the left hand once you have signed in.  View the Registration help page for assistance with completing an online registration.

Have ISC Do It For You - fees are dependent on your transaction, and include staff-assisted fees.

Get started by printing and filling out the appropriate forms and submitting to SPPR. There are brief examples provided on the forms to help you decide which registration type applies to your situation.

Submit your forms to:

(306) 205-7866
[email protected]
1301 - 1st Avenue
Regina, SK, S4R 8H2 

Contact our friendly Customer Support Team by any of the following methods to get assistance with your registration request:

Customer Support
Call: 1-866-275-4721
Email: [email protected]
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