Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) Forms

Most Popular SPPR Forms

Register a Security Agreement 
A security agreement is an agreement between a debtor and a creditor where the creditor agrees to lend the debtor money on the condition that the debtor gives property as collateral.

Register a Commercial Lien 

This is an interest in goods held by a person who either provides labour, services or materials to repair/improve goods, store goods or transport goods. (Previously known as a garage keepers' lien). 

Register a Provincial Judgment 
This is a judgment obtained from the Court of Law against personal property and land in the province of Saskatchewan.

Other SPPR Forms

Register a Sale of Goods   
This is when a seller may sell goods to a buyer but keep possession of the goods.  

Change an interest (lien):
Financing Change Statement Amendment
Use this form to amend (renew, add, change or delete) the original setup of a registration.

Additional schedules - Only have to enter into the appropriate section and print that page.
Additional secured parties, debtor parties, serial property and/or general property with the original registration.
- Additional Schedules for Original Submission
- Additional Schedules with Amendment

Remove an interest (lien):
Financing Change Statement - Discharge
When a debt has been repaid, and the creditor or secured party no longer has an interest in personal property, use this form to discharge the registration.

Compulsory discharge/amendment forms 
Compulsory discharge/amendment forms are used when obligations have been satisfied, but the secured party or creditor has not released their interest (lien).
- Demand to Secured Party
- Proof of Demand Statutory Declaration

Search forms 
Use these forms to request a search in SPPR.  A Secured Party Search provides active registrations by the secured party name.  Secured Party Search is the first step in a global change to existing registrations.
- RIN Lookup
- Secured Party Search Request 

Client number and account applications
Use these forms to open a business account with ISC.
- SPPR Primary Client Application 
- SPPR Primary Client Change of Name/Address 
- SPPR User Client Application 
- ISC Account Application 
- ISC Credit Application

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