Personal Property Permanent Accounts

Permanent accounts are suited to high volume users of the site. ISC requires a separate client registration process for its Land Titles/Survey Plans and Personal Property services to gain access to online registrations. 

To open a permanent account, a paper application form must be completed and submitted to us either in person, by fax, or by email. Banking information is needed, as some of our services have fees.

Step 1: Download and Complete Forms (as required)

Primary Client Application (PDF)
This form is used to gain access to SPPR registrations. Be sure to fill in the “Access to Registration” portion to perform Personal Property registrations online. If the Primary Client wants users to work under their Primary Client Number they will need to complete a User Client Application for each user. Visit our Forms area for all forms and instructions.

Account Application (PDF) 
This form is used to set up a new deposit account or change existing deposit account information. A deposit account is used to store the money you have on deposit with us. This account can be used for Land Titles, Survey Plans and Personal Property services.

Credit Application (PDF)   
This form is used to apply for a credit account with us. It's an optional account add-on for permanent accounts. A credit account works just like a credit card or credit line, so you don't have to put money into your account before you can charge fees against it.

Step 2: Submit Forms

When you are confident you have all the required fields completed for your set of forms, you can submit them to ISC by any one of the following methods:

(306) 798-1399
[email protected]
ISC E-Business Services Centre
1301 – 1st Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8H2

Step 3: Receive Your New Account Information

Once your application is submitted, we process it right away. You will then be contacted and provided with all of your account information (e.g., user name, password, client number and account number).

Please Note: You will need to enter this information each time to sign-in to our online services area of