Bare Land Condominiums

Bare land condominiums were first authorized in Saskatchewan by legislation on January 1, 1995. In this type of development, a building is not required to be on the parcel when the condominium plan is submitted for approval. The bare land “unit” is a specific portion of the parcel.

A purchaser buys the “unit” from the developer and contracts with the developer to build a building on the unit. In this sense, the “unit” is analogous to a lot in a subdivision. This type of condominium development usually provides less common property – sometimes just an access road.

A bare land condominium plan must be approved under The Land Surveys Act, 2000. When the plan is approved, a Transform Approval Certificate (TAC) is issued. The developer then applies to Land Registry for titles to the units. When titles are issued, the condominium corporation is created.

The application to Land Registry involves surrendering the title(s) to the source parcel(s) and setting up titles to the units in the plan. In the case of bare land condominium units, the developer must also obtain security or a waiver of security. The declaration is endorsed accordingly, and an interest based on this declaration is registered against the titles. Inquiries regarding security may be made to the Office of Public Registry Administration here.

Under section 11 of The Condominium Property Act 1993, there are now a few options available to condo owners and developers that apply to titling parking units and common property (known as "services units" once titled). Click here for more about these legislative provisions.

In most cases, preparing Land Registry packets for Bare Land Condominiums can be submitted more quickly and efficiently though Online Submission (OLS). Check out the links below for more information on submitting your packet using OLS. If your packet contains more than 100 applications, please contact 1-866-275-4721 before using Online Submission.