Grant Search Help

The Grant Search process provides you with direct access to online Land Registry system information pertaining to grants and notifications of land from the Crown.  Once a grant or notification is located, you will have the options to view an electronic image of the original paper grant or notification and to request that a copy of the image be sent to you. 
NOTE: Not all grants and notifications were microfilmed; as a result, this is not an exhaustive database of granted lands. Grants and notifications have been converted from the old paper-based system into the current online Land Registry system.  This was completed through a process of converting microfilmed grants and notifications into electronic images. This new electronic version of the grant or notification allows you to search and view grants and notifications online. Some grants and notifications may not be represented in this database and will have to be searched through other methods. If you are experiencing difficulty in locating a grant or notification, call our Customer Support Team and request assistance relating to a grant document not found.
Grants can be searched using either of the following two methods:
Land Description
Grantee Name