Corporate Registry

The Corporate Registry coordinates, promotes, develops, implements and enforces policies and programs that relate to the registration and regulation of business corporations, non-profit corporations, co-operatives and other businesses in Saskatchewan.

The Corporate Registry joined ISC’s family of registries on October 1, 2010, following a transfer from the Ministry of Justice (where it was known as Corporations Branch). As ISC’s core business is information management and registry services, the Corporate Registry is a natural fit within ISC, and is leveraging ISC's significant registry expertise, core competencies and infrastructure. 

Our Services

The Corporate Registry provides a host of services to both the business community and the general public, such as: 
  • incorporating legal entities for people who wish to conduct business or non-profit activities;
  • registering sole proprietorships, partnerships or other types of activities;
  • maintaining a registry of names to protect businesses and provide information to the public; and
  • enforcing registration and compliance requirements.
The Corporate Registry also maintains membership lists and bylaws of professional associations. Provincial newspapers file annual returns with the Corporate Registry under The Libel and Slander Act. The general public has access to information on registered entities and may obtain copies of charter documents. 

Our Online Registration Website

The Corporate Registry offers some of its more popular services online. Using our online registration website will not only save you money, it will also help speed up turnaround times when processing your applications as they get into the queue faster and require less administration and processing.

The following host of services can be performed online:
  • Search the Corporate Registry for information on businesses registered in Saskatchewan.
  • Request a Name Availability Search and Reservation.
  • Incorporate a Saskatchewan Business Corporation.
  • Incorporate a Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation.
  • Register a Business Name (Sole Proprietor or Partnership).
  • File an Annual Return for a Business or Non-profit Corporation.
  • File a Business Name Renewal Notice.
  • File a Notice of Change on an existing entity.

Login to ISC's Corporate Registry online registration website! 

Other Resources

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