Survey Plans: Introduction

ISC is the custodian of the Provincial Land Survey system.  This system is an orderly, grid-patterned layout that defines boundaries of land in Saskatchewan, allowing for unique identification of each parcel and serving as the foundation for the description of land parcels for the Land Titles Registry.  As custodian, we are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system through high standards of accountability and management.

We offer a variety of services related to our role as custodian of the survey system - plan search, examination and approval services.

Find a Plan

Want to view a current or historical plan of survey? No problem. all you need is a free ISC online services account and you can get started searching legal plans of survey online in minutes! We have two search options for finding legal survey plan information:
Map Search - Map Search is a FREE map-based search tool that anyone with an ISC account can use to quickly find current land title and active survey plan information about virtually any parcel of land in Saskatchewan.
Plan Search - With Plan Search, you can access plans and related information using different search criteria. You can search using the plan number or by attributes, features or township.

Plan Examination and Approval Services

All legal survey and descriptive plans must be examined and approved prior to becoming part of the Land Surveys Directory. In this way, we are able to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained.

While there are a variety of plan types that ultimately form the Land Surveys Directory, the most common are subdivision plans.  These plans relate to the changing boundaries of a surface or mineral parcel of land.  Common uses for subdivision plans are residential lot developments and new roads.

Visit the Acts and Regulations page for more information on the different policies, acts and regulations that govern our provision of these services.

Submit a Plan Online

Plan Submissions Online allows you to enter, check and store your plans of survey and descriptive plans online before automatically submitting them to ISC for examination and approval.

History of Land Surveys

Learn more about land surveying in Saskatchewan.