Find a Title

Titles may be searched for in a variety of ways. The most common way to search is by Parcel Number, Title Number, Land Description and Owner Name.
  • Parcel Numbers are associated with the land and do not change unless the parcel itself changes.
  • Title Numbers are associated with the owner(s) of a parcel. Each time there is a new owner of a parcel, a new Title Number is created.
  • Land Descriptions indicate where a parcel is located. Each indicator is listed in a prescribed order. For rural parcels, a Land Description includes the Quarter Section, Section, Township, Range and finally a geographic coordinate indicating where the parcel lies in relation to the nearest Meridian. For urban parcels, a Land Description lists the Lot, Block and Plan.
  • Owner Name can be searched by Family Name or Firm Name. Do not worry if you do not know the exact spelling - we have an 'Include Names That Are Similar in Spelling' feature to help find the owner you are looking for!

These most popular 'search by' options are all available in Quick Search, Search and Map Search. Additional search by criteria is available in Search and Map Search.

Which search should I use?

ISC offers a few different search options for finding land title information. Choose the search option below that is best suited to your source information and the type of title you are looking for.

Quick Search - A simple way to search for currently active land titles. You can search by Parcel Number, Title Number, Land Description and Owner Name.

Search - An advanced search tool that is capable of searching titles from the past (i.e., inactive titles) and provides access to more 'search by' options, such as Pre-Conversion Title Number, Interest Numbers, etc.). 

Map Search - Don't know the Title Number, Parcel Number, Land Description or Owner Name? No problem! You can find titles and other land records without this title information using Map Search's intuitive map-based search engine. If you can navigate a map - you can find a land title with Map Search! 

Grant Search - Find an image of an original land grant. The oldest land grant in our records dates back to 1884.

Original Land Grant Replicas -  We also offer high resolution black and white and full-colour replica prints of original land grants. They make a great keepsake for homestead families.

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