Personal Property: Introduction

The Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) provides an easy and convenient way to search and register interests against personal property, giving you peace of mind as a buyer or lender. More...

Search for Liens

A quick search of the SPPR for outstanding interests (liens) in Saskatchewan will protect you from buying someone else’s debt.  It’s quick and easy to do – the registry is available for you to search online 24/7.

Register, Change or Remove a Lien

By registering your interest (lien) in personal property, you are ensuring that your interest in those goods is protected. Once registered, you can amend, renew and/or discharge that registration.

Services for Business

Secured Party Services - SPPR offers specialized secured party services for business including:

  • Secured Party Reports - is a search by secured party providing details on active registrations which includes the number of active registrations, registration numbers, expiry dates, RIN numbers and if needed authorization to proceed with a global update to existing registrations.
  • Global Change functionality - is a secured/creditor party bulk update to existing registration.  The global change can update name, addresses and emails to existing registrations in the database.  Keeping records up-to-date assures you would get notice of a compulsory demand.  Demands are served to the secured/creditor party as listed in the registration.
  • Associating Parties to Clients - is updating existing registrations to a client # for the ability to lookup RINs online free of charge.  Associating to currently clients reduce the paper submission of RIN Lookup and fees.

Business to Business Integration - SPPR also offers Business to Business integration services for high volume transactions.  The benefits of B2B solution include quick submission of transactions without going to the ISC website.

Judgment Registry

The Judgment Registry contains all active information pertaining to judgments.