A transform refers to the process by which a plan is approved and titles are issued to the new parcels pursuant to the plan. A plan may involve a subdivision of land, consolidation of land, or change in parcel class code.

The process to transform a parcel at ISC involves two steps:

  1. Register the Plan of Survey
  2. Raise title to the Parcels on the Plan of Survey.

There are separate areas of ISC responsible for each of these steps:

  1. Plan Processing is responsible for administering Plan registrations including updates to the Geographic Information System (GIS).
  2. Land Registry is responsible for administering the raising of Title and all associated interests that are registered against them.  

Plan Side

The ISC website  contains helpful information on a wide variety of Transform-related topics. Check out Survey Plan Help for information on Survey Plan types, forms, policies, guidelines and more.

Title Side

Once the plan is approved by ISC's Plan Processing team and the Transform Approval Certificate (TAC) has been issued, you are ready to raise titles to the new parcels.  Based on customer feedback, the overwhelming preferred method to do this is with Online Submission (OLS) as it has made their work simpler and has resulted in significant time savings.  To learn more about transforms and how to apply for titles on new parcels swiftly through OLS, check out the Transform Transactions section of OLS Help.

For information on how to apply for titles on new parcels using forms, check out our Transforms Guide page.

Related Information

Client Numbers Transforms Chart - When applying for titles to new parcels, it is important to use the correct client numbers for new owners. This chart shows you how.

Carrying Forward Easement Interest on Subdivisions of Land - ISC is pleased to offer a service to assist in processing titles on a transform where there are a number of easement interests (splattering of easements).

Parcel Ties - Also known as "Tie Codes" are used to identify parcels that must be dealt with at the same time in the online land registry system. Parcel Ties are necessary to ensure that the online Land Registry system complies with the provisions of section 121 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007.

Land Registry Fee Mitigation Policies - Certain parcel consolidations and subdivisions may qualify for fee mitigation.  Check out this link for more information.