Policies and Guidelines

Here you will find a number of policies which have been approved by ISC to clarify existing policies or resulted from changes to various Acts and/or Regulations. These policies are made available for public and private use.

GO-04/001 - Establishment of North Quarter Corner on Blind Line for Fractional Sections
This policy will give the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor some direction in how to establish the north quarter corner on a blind line for fractional sections.

GO-04/003-Saskatchewan Land Surveyors working on common boundaries between Provincial and Federal lands 
This policy provides a practical approach for conducting surveys on boundaries defining different jurisdictions. It is primarily intended to cover situations dealing with Indian Reserve boundaries.

GO-04/004-Consolidations Based on Legal Subdivisions 
This policy will allow clients, in certain circumstances, to consolidate parcels defined by Legal Subdivisions or Quarter Legal Subdivisions without incurring the cost of the extensive survey procedures required to establish Legal Subdivision boundaries and Quarter Legal Subdivision boundaries.

GO-04/007-Clarification of Descriptive Plan Type 2 Utility Easements 
This policy gives the clients more options when it comes to submitting Utility Easements, and standardize some of the requirements for both urban and rural areas.

GO-04/009-Re-Submission Policy 
This policy looks at a re-submission fee that may be charged to the customer for plans that have been re-submitted to ISC for examination.

 GO-04/010-Community Planning Approval and Plan of Survey 
This policy shows some of the discrepancies between the planning approval and the plan of survey that should be resolved by the client prior to submitting the plan to ISC for examination.

GO-04/011-De-consolidation of a Parcel to Previously Surveyed Boundaries 
This policy will allow the cancellation of a parcel and reverting it back to previous parcel limits. At this time, this policy is restricted to lots, which were consolidated during the conversion process (from forms based to electronic titles and plans system).

GO-04/012-Resurrecting Plans or Transform Approval Certificates Through the Plan Index and Tracking System 
This policy describes the different situations in which a plan or Tranform Approval Certificate may be resurrected for the purpose of titling property.

GO-05/001- Re-approving Road Plans through Indian Reserves for Title Creation   
This policy allows previously approved plans for roads through Indian Reserves to be submitted as a new plan for the purposes of creating title to the road parcels.

GO-05/002-Using the Boundaries of Existing Plans to Create New Parcels or Features
This policy will allow anyone to create a parcel where its new boundaries can be defined by an existing plan or plans.   Similarly, this policy can also be used to define the limits of a new feature.

GO-05/003-Intersections Between Subdivision and Feature Plans that Overlay Each Other 
This policy is intended to clarify the monumentation requirements when a subdivision or condominium plan and a feature plan intersect with each other. In the case of a condominium, the condominium boundary coincides with the underlying subdivision boundary.

GO-05/004-Canceling Feature Plans 
This policy provides a practical approach for amending approved feature right-of-way plans and Descriptive Plan Type II Utility Easements where it was determined that all or portions of the right-of-way or easement are not required and should be cancelled.

GO-05/005-Monumentation Requirements for Establishing Legal Subdivisions
This policy provides the land surveyor with the common requirements for monumentation when establishing legal subdivision boundaries.

GO-05/006-Markings on Non-Traditional Primary Quarter Monuments 
This policy defines what a non-traditional primary quarter monument is and when to mark a quarter monument "1/4".

GO-05/007-Establishing 1/4 Monuments on the Blind Line or Centre of Section 
This policy clarifies when the quarter section corner must be established on a blind line or centre of section.

GO-05/008-Intersecting Quarter Section Lines 
This policy enables measurements to be shown on a plan along quarter section lines without forcing subsequent surveys to intersect quarter section lines.

GO-05/009-Streets Intersecting the Exterior Boundary of a Subdivision
This policy states the monumentation requirements when a street intersects the exterior boundary of the subdivision.

GO-06/001-Guidelines for Change Orders 
This policy states some of the guidelines for applying for change orders under Section 41 of The Land Surveys Act, 2000 and describes some situations where fees may be waived for applications for change orders.

GO-06/002 - Survey Accuracy Standards
This policy re-enforces the current policy concerning linear nonclosures and establishes guidelines and tolerances for minor angular nonclosures where it is difficult to make adjustments without affecting the closures of adjacent parcels.

GO-07/001 Water Bodies Subject to the Irrigation Act & how they affect Surveys 
This policy provides clarification as to what is required when a Surveyor performs a survey in a parcel of land where an unsurveyed water body exists that is not shown on an approved plan of survey and for which there is no reference made to it on the title. It also directs attention to the fact that in some situations title to water bodies can continue to be excluded by virtue of the Irrigation Act on subsequent subdivisions without having to be surveyed and shown on a plan.

GO-07/002 Witness Monuments
This policy is intended to clarify procedures for the re-establishments of Primary Corners when Witness Monuments are involved.

GO-07/003 Consolidations of streets and lanes to road limits 
This policy will give clarification as to what is required for consolidating undeveloped subdivisions back to quarter sections by using a Descriptive Plan Type II plan.

GO-08/001 Intersecting DPI Farm Yard Sites
This policy provides clarification as to what is required when a new survey intersects a DPI Farm Yard Site.

GO-09/001 Quarter monuments on blind lines 
This policy is intended to clarify survey procedures when a quarter monument on a blind line is not at its theoretic position. 

GO-12/001 Water Boundaries
This policy provides guidance for dealing with the differences encountered between water boundaries shown on new or existing plans and the water boundaries shown in the Geographic Information System.