Plan Submissions Online Help

Plan Submissions Online is a web-based plan submission and checking tool which auto-verifies that all mandatory information is provided before submitting plans to ISC Plan Processing. Alerts will let customers know if any necessary plan information is missing, or appears to be incorrect, allowing for interactive corrections in a ‘work-in-progress’ environment. This tool expedites filing and approval, reduces packet rejections and eliminates forms and advances service delivery, facilitating system and process efficiencies.

As part of the plan approval process, structured AutoCAD files need to be submitted with the image file of the plan. Most plan types (e.g. Subdivision Plans, Road Plans, Condo Plans, Feature Plans, etc.) will require the defined georeferenced AutoCAD file. AutoCAD elements aid in validating survey practices where as the georeference coordinates provide evidence and graphically validate survey plan content to the current Cadastral Mapping System; the survey plan is essential to the maintenance and quality of the Provincial Survey Fabric.

NOTE: The surveyor is professionally responsible and liable for the quality and accuracy of the field survey and the resulting approved plan of survey.
Plan Submissions Online provides several essential quality assurance functions:
  • A file size and type test to ensure submitted files are the correct file type and do not exceed maximum file size limitations
  • A layer content check provides the user with acknowledgement that the submitted CAD file meets the required layer and data element structure requirements
  • Data extraction and validation of the CAD file title block information checks for valid location information
  • Parcel topology checks ensure that the new parcel line work creates closed polygons
  • The CAD file is processed through a geo-referencing quality check tool to ensure the CAD file is georeferenced and is consistent with the legal land description, projection and datum
  • A dimension and angle checker compares the measured geometry with the associated annotated text
  • Plan Submissions Online validates that the mandatory supporting documents are submitted
  • Other tests include; title block & legend completeness, map border space, plot size, plan scale, affected land areas for right-of-way and roads plans etc
  • Plan Submissions Online also collects metadata that is verified by users and will assist ISC in automating subsequent approval and mapping workflows such as unit counts and location information
Once these data collection and quality checks are complete and, if the file has met the quality requirements, it is uploaded to a map viewer. The user is then able to view their plan relative to the Saskatchewan cadastral fabric to ensure the survey plan has been drawn in the correct spatial location. The visual map display enables the Plan Submissions Online user to also confirm the correct source parcels, Street Names, Block Numbers, adjacent Plan Numbers and LLD extensions before submitting plan packages to ISC.

Upon Plan Submissions Online user validation, the plan and its corresponding support documents can be submitted to ISC electronically.

This help has been organized according to the Plan Submissions Online processing steps:
My Profile - Your Plan Submissions Online Account
My Plans - Request Information
Extract and Validate - Quality Processing
Perform Map Check - Visual Confirmation
Submit - Package Submission
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