Find a Plan

Want to view a current or historical plan of survey? No problem. all you need is a free ISC online services account and you can get started searching legal plans of survey online in minutes! We have two search options for finding legal survey plan information:
Map Search - allows you to graphically zoom to a given area and obtain copies of active plans.
Plan Search - allows you to perform more detailed searches by entering different search criteria in textual format like municipality name or a specific plan number to obtain copies of active plans and related documents.

Subdivide Land

Subdivisions must be prepared and submitted by a licensed Saskatchewan Land Surveyor. Please contact the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association to find a surveyor near you. 

Consolidate Land

Consolidation means parcels are joined together according to a detailed plan that either you or your licensed surveyor prepares and then submits to us.

Submit a Plan Online

Plan Submissions Online allows you to enter, check and store your plans of survey and descriptive plans online before automatically submitting them to ISC for examination and approval.

Parcel Tie Amendments

Here you will find information on how to create, remove or amend parcel ties. Don't know what a parcel tie is? Click here to learn more about parcel ties.

View a Field Book

ISC is the custodian of the original Dominion Land Survey Field Books compiled by early surveyors who created the first subdivisions of land in the province in the 1870s to the early 1900s. There are over 8,000 field books and 21 index books with approximately 430,000 pages of historical information that are stored at ISC and available for viewing online, free of charge.