Parcel Tie Amendments

The Planning and Development Act, 2007 states that a parcel tie links "two or more parcels together so as to prevent those parcels from being individually dealt with in the land titles registry or abstract directory."  Before a parcel subject to a parcel tie can be sold separately, the parcel tie must be removed. There are also situations where a parcel may be required to be tied to another parcel or group of parcels.

You may remove a parcel tie between validly tied parcels, amend parcel ties currently held by different owners that will be transferred to common ownership or amend parcel ties currently held by the same owner but the parcels have different client numbers. 

Remove a Parcel Tie
Amend Parcel Tie (Different Owners)
Amend a Parcel Tie (Same Owners)
Create a New Parcel Tie

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