- Condominium Packet Cover Page   
- Application for Condominium Ownership Register Setup (PDF) 
- Application for Transfer (Part I: Surrender) (PDF)  
- Application for Transfer (Part II: Setup) (PDF) 
- Standard Unit Description  | PDF | WORD 
- Transform/Multiple Transfer Authorization (PDF) 
- Condominium Affidavit of Value | PDF | WORD
and when applicable:
- Additional Condominium Ownership Register Setup (PDF) 
- Title Print Request (PDF) 
- Begin Attachment Sheet (PDF)
- Affidavit for Reduced Fee Transaction | PDF | WORD 

Additional Forms

The Queen's Printer provides access to all forms under The Condominium Property Regulations, 2001. Forms such as the Information to Obtain Condominium Corporation Number are required when submitting your packet. These and other required forms can be found here

Condominium Policy Information

For more information concerning Condominium Policies please consult the Ministry of Justice Condominium Properties website.