Policies and Procedures

This library outlines the Land Registry’s internal practices and procedures. These pages can help you understand what ISC staff look for when they examine a packet that you submitted. You can use this information to help you get your packet registered successfully.

Accents in Names
ISC’s policy is to include accented characters when creating names in the land registry system.

Conditional Registration Date and Time
An explanation of the conditional registration date and time option for packet registration.

Corporations – Holding of Land
An explanation of the requirements for a corporation to hold land and for an explanation of how inactive corporations can deal with titles in its possession.

Discharge of an Annuity
ISC’s policy on how to discharge an annuity mortgage.

Easement Attributes 
A description of the different attributes for each type of easement that can be registered.

Evidence for Name Change 
ISC's requirements for effecting a name change.

Execution of Transfers
ISC's policy on accepting transfers that were executed before letters probate or administration were granted.

Land Registry Fee Mitigation Policies
ISC's policy for mitigating fees for Land applications.

Inactive Corporation Interest Discharge
ISC's policy on how an inactive corporation can discharge an interest.

Joint Tenants with No Survivorship 
ISC’s policy on when we allow joint tenants with no survivorship and what our requirements are to deal with titles or interests in the name of joint tenants with no survivorship.

Multiple Given Names 
Find out the reason ISC will not allow more than three given names.

Out of Province Corporate Documents 
An explanation for ISC’s policy not to accept out of province corporate documents and for specific exceptions to that policy.

Packet Withdrawal Process
ISC recognizes that there are times when you have submitted a packet to ISC and then discover that there was a mistake in the packet or you don’t want the packet processed. In response to this, we introduced the ability to notify ISC that you would like to have the packet removed from the system. This section provides information on how you can request your packet be withdrawn.

Personal Representative Interests 
An explanation on how a personal representative can deal with interests involving an estate.

Registration of Interests – Using a Business Name
ISC’s policy on how to deal with interests registered under a business name.

Registration of PPSIs in the Land Titles Registry 
ISC’s policy on transactions involving interests under The Personal Property Security Act based on security interests in fixtures or growing crops.

Tax Enforcement – Interests Carry Forward
Find out what interests remain on title when title is transferred to a municipality for tax enforcement purposes.

Transmission of Title on Death of the Title Owner
ISC’s policy on how to deal with titles belonging to a deceased title owner.