Quick Search Help

Quick Search is a simple search method that has limited search criteria, but is useful as a “quick and easy” method of searching active titles and abstracts.  There are differences in the level of detail that may be used as search criteria, as well as in the results that will be returned from the system. 

You can use Quick Search to obtain the same kind of current information that you would have found by looking at a Certificate of Title in the old paper-based system. 

If you wish to find historical information with regard to a title, abstract, or interest, or if you want to view an image of a document relating to a title or interest (e.g. mortgage or easement agreement), you should use Search.
In Quick Search you have four methods for searching a title or abstract:
The Quick Search by Parcel Number and Quick Search by Title Number methods both require a newly generated nine-digit number.  If you do not know these new numbers, you will have to Quick Search either by land description or owner name, or perform a Search by pre-conversion title number. Once you have completed one of these alternate searches, you will have both the new title number and new parcel number, and will then be able to search using the other search criteria.

The Quick Search process provides you with direct access to information pertaining to current titles and abstracts—titles and abstracts that are active at the time of the search.  A title or abstract that is inactive cannot be accessed through Quick Search but can be accessed through Search.

The Quick Search process gives you the options to view title or abstract details, to request a copy of the title or abstract details, and to view a Geographic Information System (GIS) picture of the surface parcel (known as a Parcel Picture).
NOTE: You are not able to use abstract, attachment, client, feature, interest,  interest register, packet, pre-conversion instrument, or pre-conversion title numbers as search criteria in Quick Search.  To search using these criteria, or to search inactive titles or abstracts, use Search.