Search Help

The Search process is an advanced search method that provides you with direct access to Land Registry information.  The available search methods are:

Abstract Number
Client Number
Interest Register
Land Description
Parcel Number
Pre-Conversion Instrument Number
Pre-Conversion Title Number
Title Number
NOTE: The ability to link to all Land Registry information related to your search criteria is one of the main advantages in using Search over Quick Search.

Using the Search process, you can access Land Registry information directly related to the method by which you have searched.  Depending on the search results, you may be able to “link” to other relevant information that you would not have been able to access had you chosen Quick Search.  
For more information regarding the Search Detail screens and how to navigate in them, see the Navigating the Detail Screens section.
The following procedures provide a detailed explanation of each of the "search by" methods.  They outline the conditions of and procedures involved with each of the search methods, and offer step-by-step information to help guide you to successful Land Registry searching.  
If you experience difficulty in completing your search, contact the Customer Support Team.