Land Titles: Introduction

The Land Titles Registry issues titles to land and registers transactions affecting titles, including changes of ownership and registration of interests against land. More...

Find a Land Title

Quick Search - A simple way to search for currently active land titles. You can search by parcel number, title number, land description and owner name.

Search - An advanced search tool that is capable of searching titles from the past (i.e., inactive titles) and provides access to more 'search by' options.

Grant Search - Find an image of an original land grant. The oldest land grant in our records dates back to 1884. We also offer full-colour replica prints of original land grants. More...

Map Search - Don't know the title or parcel number, land description or owner name? No problem! You can find titles and other land records without this title information using Map Search's intuitive map-based search engine. If you can navigate a map - you can find a land title! 

Transfer Land Ownership

Transfer a Single Title - Use this type of application when parcel transfers do not involve tenants in common, where ownership is held by one owner or by owners who have a joint tenant relationship.

Transfer Multiple Titles - Use this type of application whenever a tenants in common ownership structure is involved in a transfer of ownership or whenever multiple titles are involved in the transfer application. This application can also be used to change the ownership structure from one to many or many to one.

Transfer a Title When an Owner Dies - There are two possibilities for transferring title when a property owner dies. A transfer to surviving joint tenant is used when the title is held jointly and survivorship rights exist, and a transmission on death is used when the owner(s) dies and the title must be transferred to an executor or personal representative.

Interests on Title

Register an Interest - Register an interest, like a mortgage or easement, on a land title.

Transfer an Interest - The interest holder(s) can transfer an interest on a title to another party. This application is formally referred to as an interest assignment.

Change an Interest - Interest holder(s) can apply to change the details of an interest, like its value, its description or its expiry date. This application is formally referred to as an interest amendment.

Remove an Interest - Interest holder(s) can apply to clear an interest from a title completely. This application is formally referred to as an interest discharge.

Judgment Registry 

The Judgment Registry contains all active information pertaining to judgments.

Subdivide or Consolidate Land

Subdivide Land - A land owner will often subdivide a parcel into a number of smaller parcels in order to sell those smaller parcels to another individual, corporation or municipality.To subdivide a parcel, you will need to contact a licensed land surveyor.

Consolidate Land - If you own two or more adjoining parcels, you may want to consolidate them. Once you consolidate, you may end up paying less for many of the transactions that we offer. Select the link above to find out how!

Determining Mineral Rights

Determining Mineral Rights for a given parcel of land is not always a simple or straightforward process. Historically, mineral rights have not always been clearly defined.

Current Processing Times

Land Titles Transactions: 2 business days

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