Condominium Transactions

A variety of condominium transactions require applications to the Land Registry.  This section offers detailed information to assist you with some of the most common transactions, as well as other key issues. Please select the condo guide below for step-by-step instructions for the transaction type you require:

Condo Guides

Regular Condominiums -  This condo guide will help you prepare a packet for titles pursuant to an approved plan for a regular or standard condominium. 

Bare Land Condominiums - The requirements of bare land developments are set out in this step-by-step guide. 

Phased Condominiums - This guide will help you with applying for titles pursuant to the first phase of the condominium development. 

Replacement Plans (Phased Developments) - If you are dealing with a subsequent phase of a phased condominium, use this condo guide to help you through the titling process. 

Redivision of Units - Owners of units may redivide their units.  Use this step-by-step guide if the redivision is proceeding by way of plan amendment, rather than a new plan. 

Designation of Parking Space - Parking spaces in a condominium must be designated at the time of raising first title. This guide will help you through the process.

Redesignation of Parking Space - To redesignate (redesignate) parking spaces in a condominium, you must apply to amend and to register the required interests against the titles affected. This guide will help you through the process.

Termination of Condominium Status - This guide outlines the steps that must be taken to terminate condominium status and apply for titles to the non-condominium parcel of land.

Need More Help?

Parking Unit Titles & Services Units - Under section 11 of The Condominium Property Act 1993, there are now a few options available to condo owners and developers that apply to parking units and common property (services units). Click link above to read more about these legislative provisions.

The Role the Corporate Registry - To amend condominium bylaws or addresses for services, and deal with annual returns you must file with the Corporate Registry. 

Fee Mitigation for Condominiums - This document sets out fee mitigation policies that apply to condo transactions such as replacement plans and plan amendments.  

Letter of Credit Requirements - A letter of credit is now acceptable as security for condominium developments, if it meets certain requirements. 

Sample Letter of Credit - A sample Irrevocable Letter of Credit is available for your use.

Locks - There are several types of locks that may be imposed on a title to prevent either the transfer of a title or dealing with an interest.  This section will detail prohibition and notice lock types.

Tips for Researching Parking Space Designations - There are several tips to help research parking space designations depending on whether plans were approved prior to 1995, between 1995 and June 2014, or after June 2014.

Condominium Questions and Answers - Find answers to the most common condominium related questions.

For more information concerning Condominium Policies please consult ISC Customer Support or the Office of Public Registry Administration.