-A- Glossary of Terms

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"As Built" Plans -
Refers to plans that show the location of a constructed physical feature on the ground.

Abstract - A summary of ownership and interest information relating to a parcel of unpatented land. 

Acre - A measurement of land equaling 4,840 square yards.

Active -
Currently in effect. 

Active Interest - An interest that is registered and currently in effect against a title or abstract record.

Active Parcels -
Parcels that are currently in existence and effect in the Land Titles System. 

Active Title
- The current title record or the title record in effect for an active parcel. 

Address for Service - The address for service section sets out the owner's type (e.g., owner or alternate) and their address for service.  All notices will be sent to both the registered owner(s) and the registered owner's alternate(s).

Administrator -
A person authorized by the court to administer the estate of a deceased person.

Affidavit - A written statement made under oath. 

Affidavit of Attestation
- An affidavit taken by the witness to the instrument attesting that he or she saw the deponent of the instrument execute it.

Affidavit of Execution -
An affidavit taken by the witness to the instrument swearing that they saw the deponent of the instrument execute it.

Affidavit of Identity

  1. An affidavit sworn by a person stating that he or she is not the person named in an auto attach interest. Shows land owned by the deponent. Clears an auto attach interest off or prevents one from attaching to a title record.
  2. An affidavit sworn by a person that establishes common ownership for different name variations.

  3. An affidavit required with an Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant sworn by the person stating that the deceased named in the death certificate is the same person as the owner of the specified title number.

Affidavit of Value  - An affidavit that swears to the fair market value of the land in question. 

Alternate - A person appointed to act on behalf of an owner (e.g. liquidator, property guardian).

Alternate Type - Includes Public Guardian and Trustee for an Adult, Public Guardian and Trustee for a Child, Property Guardian for an Adult, Property Guardian for a Child, Property Co-Decision Maker, and Liquidator. 

Annotation -Text on a drawing or map associated with displayed graphic entities.

Application by Surviving Joint Tenant - An application by the survivor(s) of the registered owners who hold land as joint tenants with rights of survivorship when one or more die. The registration of the application cancels the current title and issues a new title to the survivor(s). It contains the application (a form prescribed by The Land Titles Act) witnessed and attested, proof of death (a death certificate from Vital Statistics), letters probate, etc. together with an Affidavit of Identity regarding the deceased and the owner being the same person. The decedent’s interest disappears.

Application for Transmission - An application made by the executors or administrators named in the estate of a decedent, an application made by the trustee in bankruptcy in the estate of a bankrupt, or an application made by a school division to deal with lands in the name of the former school district. The application allows the representative to further deal with the land or a lien that is not signed by the owner. A statute authorizes each type of transmission situation. 

Arc-node - Method of representing map data as a set of end points and associated lines or arcs. Adjacent arc- node segments may be combined to form parcels. (Related terms: vector systems).
Arc-node structure - A topological organization of graphic elements used by some Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Arcs represent lines that can define linear features or the boundary of areas or parcels. There is an implied direction to the line since a left and right hand side is identified. Areas bounded by such arcs can be described, and shared boundaries need NOT be duplicated. 

- A closed figure bounded by two or more lines enclosing a homogeneous region and usually represented in two dimensions only.

As Of Date (for Search and Quick Search) - The exact date and time that an online search is generated for view on the screen. The search result displaying on the screen is accurate as of the date and time displayed.  Any registration made after the search is generated will not be reflected in the search result. 

- A position on a sloped surface facing a particular direction. Usually referred to in compass directions such as degrees or as cardinal directions. 

Assignment - The act whereby one transfers to another his or her interest in a right or property, or a transfer of rights in an interest. 

Attachment(s) - A document that is submitted to the Land Titles Registry, at the time of registration or subsequent to the time of registration, to provide disclosure.

Attorney - The person or entity an owner appoints to act on their behalf through a power of attorney.

- A distinctive feature of an object. In mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, the objects are points, lines, or polygons that represent features such as sampling locations, section corners (points); roads and streams (lines); lakes, forest and soil types (polygons). These attributes can be further divided into classes such as tree species (Douglas fir and ponderosa pine) for forest types and paved and gravel for road types. Multiple attributes are generally associated with objects that are located on a single map layer. 

Auto-attach -  A process whereby the LAND System automatically attaches a judgment to title(s) or interest(s) where the owner’s or interest holder’s name exactly matches the name of the debtor on the judgment. 

Auto-Attach Interest
- An interest registered in the Auto Attach Table; specifically, a judgment or bankruptcy.