-N- Glossary of Terms

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Neighborhood functions - Analysis performed on spatial data that attempts to define a new value for a given location based on values in independent locations within a given distance and/or direction. Two common operations are "nearest neighbor" searches and "proximity analysis". Nearest neighbor searches attempt to find the closest occurrence of a given value to the point of interest. An example of neighborhood operations is to determine slope and aspect based on horizontal and vertical distances, and direction between digitized elevation points or contours. 

Node - The beginning and ending location of a line or arc. 

Non-individual - An entity that is not an individual but may or may not have the legal rights of a "person".

Notice to Lapse - A request from the ownership or interest holder of a parcel requesting that notice be sent to an interest holder of a lapsable interest, that their interest will be made inactive in 30 days unless continued by the courts.

Notification - The sending of a printed notice informing an owner that some action has occurred against their title or interest that may have some effect on them. 

Notification (Grant) - A type of grant registered in Land Titles that conveys the ownership interest in land from the Crown to the Hudson’s Bay Company, as set out in the Hudson’s Bay Charter.