-O- Glossary of Terms

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Old Paper-based System - The former Land Titles system. 

Ordinary Administration - An assignment for the general benefit of creditors under The Bankruptcy Act. It applies when the bankrupt is not a corporation and in the opinion of the Official Receiver the realizable assets of the bankrupt after deducting the claims of the secured creditors will exceed $500.00. There are inspectors appointed. 

Original Document - The document that bears the signatures of the parties in ink and is the official certified copy of a document issued out of the Court.

Original Request - The image stored on the image database. 

Original Road Allowance (ORA) - Land reserved for roads between sections in the original Dominion Land Survey.

Overlay - The process of generating a new map by combining the contents of one or more maps using mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponentiation, and matrix algebra operations like inversion and transposition. 

Overshoot - That portion of a line digitized past its intersection with another line. 

Owner - The registered owner of a title or interest, a person or entity entitled to a freehold or other estate or interest in land. 

Ownership Shares - The fraction of an owner’s interest in an ownership share or the units into which 100% of the ownership has been divided.