-S- Glossary of Terms

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Saskatchewan Geographic Information System (SaskGIS) - The provincial initiative to co-ordinate the implementation of an integrated spatial database. 

Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) - A notice filing application that offers search and registration services pertaining to personal property.

Scheduled Expiry Date - The date on which the registration of an interest expires. 

Seamless Map - A map accounting for and including representation for every square inch of land in an area with no gaps or overlaps. 

Search Criteria - How the user wants to search the database (e.g., by name, parcel number, land description, serial number, etc.). 

Secondary Land Descriptor (SLD) - Includes lot, block, parcel, urban identifier, and plan number on a Secondary Survey Plan. 

Secondary Survey Plan (SSP) - A plan subdividing the Primary Survey Plan or an existing Secondary Survey Plan into smaller parcels. 

Section - A unit of measurement used in the Dominion Land Survey that equals a radius of 1 mile by 1 mile, and approximately 640 acres.

Secured Party - The person or entity that money is owned to.

Security Paper - Specially marked paper that is difficult to forge or duplicate. It establishes the authenticity and validity of the document being issued. (See Water Marked Paper.) 

Servient Lands - The lands giving benefit to the dominant tenement in an easement. 

Servient Tenement - The party giving benefit to the dominant tenement in an Easement; the owner of the Servient lands. 

Share - The ownership share of a title or interest. 

Share Amount - The proportionate share of ownership of a title or interest. 

Similar Name Match - A match in the Auto Attach Table with minimal differences from those shown in the target name. 

1. A sketch is based on existing Legal Surveys and may include new Mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) information (i.e., Survey Plans, GIS maps, aerial photographs, photographic images).
2. Can be marked on the ground according to the Land Surveys Act and is unambiguous in its geodetic relationships and dimensions.

Snapping - The process of moving a feature to coincide exactly with the co-ordinates of another feature within a specified distance. 

Source Parcel - The parcel being made inactive by a transform and the parcel being re-configured in a transform. 

Spatial Object - A digital representation, including geometry and topology, of an entity. 

Statement of Fees - A document produced in the old Land Titles System detailing the charges incurred in the system involving registrations only. 

Statutory Easement - An easement created by or under the authority of a statute and not requiring a dominant tenement. 

Subdivision - Land divided into parcels either by a plan or a metes and bounds description. 

- An interest registered against another interest (e.g. a mortgage of a lease). 

Summary Administration - An assignment for the general benefit of creditors (under The Bankruptcy Act) may be summary administration. It applies when the bankrupt is not a corporation and in the opinion of the official receiver the realizable assets of the bankrupt after deducting the claims of secured creditors will not exceed $500.00. There may or may not be inspectors appointed. 

Surface Relief Image - Any 3 dimensional representation of the surface of an object (e.g., earth surface). The image surface may be solid or transparent (wire mesh). Related terms: digital terrain model, perspective views.

Surface Title (new) - A title containing reference to a surface parcel; sub type categories are regular or condo. 

Surface title (old) - A title including the surface of the land with or without the minerals included.

Survey - The determination, measurement and establishment of boundaries.