-P- Glossary of Terms

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Packet - A universal unit of work, containing one or more than one request or document. 

Packet Cover Sheet - A system provided form that must attach to a packet of work being submitted for processing. 

Packet Type - Land Titles or Plan Processing.

Parallel - A horizontal line encircling the earth at constant latitude.

1. A closed two-dimensional (plane) figure bounded by three or more sides used in a mapping system or Geographic Information System (GIS) which has distinct, unique characteristics.
2. A graphical representation of a designated area of land.

Parcel Audit - Displays all transactions that have occurred in relation to a specific parcel since conversion to the LAND System. 

Parcel Class - See Parcel Class Codes

Parcel Class Codes - An attribute used by ISC of Saskatchewan to identify the rules for changing ownership, raising interests, and completing transforms for surface parcels only (e.g. generic, roadway, park, railway, etc). 

Parcel History - Indicates whether the parcel has been transformed (i.e., since conversion to the LAND System). 

Parcel numbers - A nine-character check digit number assigned to each parcel for use in place of the entire text-based legal description. 

Parcel Picture - A Geographic Information System (GIS) image of a parcel. 

Parcel Status - The status of a parcel of land (i.e. active or inactive). 

Parcel Ties - Links between portions of land that appeared on the same title in the old paper-based system but have been separated and distinguished by extension numbers in the LAND System. Parcel ties indicate that the portions of land are linked to one another and cannot be transferred without the other parcel unless a subdivision is approved.

Parcel Type - Surface, mineral or feature. 

Parcel Value - Financial value of parcel at time of last transfer.

Parent Interest - The first level of interest registered against a title record and linked to the title level. The first level interest to which subordinate interests may be registered or linked. 

Party Wall Agreement - An agreement between adjoining land owners which usually seeks to effect one or more of the following purposes:
(i) To declare that the wall is a party wall.
(ii) To confer rights to use a boundary wall.
(iii) To confer rights to the support afforded by a boundary wall to structures on either side of it.
(iv) To define liabilities for the costs of repair and renewal of the boundary wall. 

Pending Parcels - Parcels to which a title record is eligible to be raised but is not yet raised. 

Permanent Provincial Identifier Schema (PPID Schema) - Provides the template for the unique identifiers for land-related features.

Person Entity - A body corporate or an entity registered within COBRA.

Person Individual - A natural person.

Personal Property - Personal property consists of all movable property other than real estate.
Personal Representative
- A person appointed to act on the behalf of someone else (e.g., executor or administrator). 

Perspective view - A wire mesh vector representation of a three-dimensional surface viewed from a given height and direction, defined by the viewer. Related terms: surface relief image. 

Plan - A plan of survey or a survey sketch of both primary or secondary survey systems. 

Plan Processing System (PPS) - The automated system designed and developed through the LAND Project to maintain all legal survey information and to deliver the approval process required to approve plans. The system encompasses and consolidates the responsibility of the Chief Surveyor's Office function (which was delivered through the Department of Justice) and the Controller of Surveys function (which was delivered through Sask Geomatics).

Plotter - An electronic drawing device for generating maps and other line drawings. The drawing is done with a variety of pens such as ballpoint, fiber tip, or ceramic which move in x and y co- ordinate directions, in either an up or down position, to move or draw a line between two points. There are three types of plotters: electrostatic, pen and inkjet. 

Polygon to raster conversion - The process of converting vector data to a series of equal sized pixels or grid cells. This process allows vector based map information to be analyzed, displayed, or printed. 

Postponement - A sub-interest that, when it registers, subordinates the interest of one party to the interest of another party that did not have priority.

Power of Attorney - An instrument in writing authorizing another to act as one’s agent or attorney. It confers upon the agent the authority to perform certain specified acts or kinds of acts on behalf of their principal. Its primary purpose is to evidence the authority of the agent to third parties with whom the agent deals. 

Prescribed Form - A standard form set out in an Act or Regulation to which the submitting party must comply. 

Prescribed Time Period
- The time period prescribed by an Act.

Primary Land Descriptor (PLD) - Refers to the Dominion Land Survey or Primary Land descriptions implemented and used for the initial surveying in Saskatchewan, including quarter section, section, township, range and meridian. 

Primary Survey Plan (PSP) - The plans created mapping the Dominion Land Survey or the Quadrilateral Grid System used in the township fabric for Saskatchewan. 

PROV - Under "TYPE" in the Judgment Registry Search results, PROV refers to a provincial writ of execution.
When The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act came into effect, provincial writs of execution were replaced by provincial judgments.

Provincial Mediation Board Consent - An instrument registered in the system by the Provincial Mediation Board giving the taxing authority the clearance to take title to specific lands under The Tax Enforcement Act.

Public Guardian and Trustee - The corporation sole that administers the property or property interests of those persons who are legally incapable of handling their own financial affairs, either due to mental disability or minority, where no one else has been appointed by the Court. Also administers the estates of deceased persons in the capacity of Official Administrator (was Public Trustee). 

Public Guardian and Trustee’s Certificate (PTC) - Certificate issued by the Public Guardian and Trustee of Saskatchewan that no infants are interested in the estate of a deceased owner (was Public Trustee’s Certificate).