-T- Glossary of Terms

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Target Parcel(s) - The new parcel(s) being created as the result of a transform. 

Tariff of Fees - The fee structure contained in the Regulations to The Land Titles Act.

Tenants in Common - A form of tenancy that arises when owners have community of possession but distinct and several titles to their shares which need not necessarily be equal, there is no right of survivorship between owners in common. 

Thematic Maps - Maps that provide information on a specific theme, such as the spatial distribution of timber volumes. Classes must be defined and each class is assigned a unique solid color or crosshatching pattern. Related term: choropleth maps. 

Tile - The spatial unit by which geographic data can be organized, subdivided, and stored in a geographic database. 

Title (current) - The active record created showing ownership and interests in relation to a specific parcel.

Title (new) - The record created showing ownership and interests in relation to a specific parcel. The centerpiece of the Land Registry.  A surface title, a mineral title or a condominium title, but does not include an uncertified mineral title.

Title (old) - A document used under the Old Paper-based System as proof of ownership. This paper certificate shows the name of the owner and the land description of the property, as well as the instruments registered against the land.

Title Audit - Displays all transactions that have occurred in relation to a specific title since conversion to the LAND System. 

Title History - Informs the user of whether the title has been transferred since conversion to the LAND System. 

Title Lock - Placed on a title record when an error that can not be fixed without intervention by the court, the registrar or consent by the owners. It prohibits any future dealings with the title record until the issue is resolved. (Replaces Registrar’s Caveat in old system).

Title Number (new) - A computer-assigned check digit number. 

Title Number (old) - The number assigned to a Certificate of Title under the paper-based land titles system. Title Owner
The registered owner of a title; a person or non-person entitled to a freehold or other estate in land. 

Title Processing System (TPS) - The automated system being designed and developed through the LAND Project to be used for titling of land and the registration of interests against the lands. 

Title Status - Describes the status of the interest (ie. active or inactive). 

Title Type - Refers to surface and mineral titles and the sub-types that fall under them. 

Title Value  - The value of the titleholder's portion of the parcel.  When there are tenants in common, the title value reflects the value of the registered owner's portion of the land. 

Topology - The spatial relationships between connecting or adjacent coverage features such as arcs, nodes, polygons, and points.

Township - The East-West rows referred to in rural land descriptions; on average, each contains 36 sections of land. 

Transfer - The instrument and act by which one person conveys to another an estate or interest in land; Includes a grant from the Crown. 

Transform - The process to re-configure or redefine a graphical area on a plan. 

Transmission - The passing of title to a parcel of land upon the death of the registered owner. 

Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) - A surface representation derived from irregularly spaced sample points and breakline features having surface or z values. Topological relationships between points and their proximal triangles are included.

Turnaround Time - The time period between when the document is received in the system to when it actually is registered and the appropriate changes are made to the record or database.